At Primal Performance, all treatment plans are personalized for YOUR condition.  Which puts maximum emphasis on determining a COMPLETE and ACCURATE diagnosis.


Functional Movement Evaluations

Ever notice how when a baby needs to pick something up off the floor, they ALWAYS squat down and can stay in that position for a significant amount of time?  That child will one day develop the improper habit or "pattern" of bending at the waist to pick up that crayon.  This is one of many patterns in which we have negatively altered our body's ability to move through space.  These improper patterns will lead to an increase in arthritic changes, increased pain, and decreased ability to function and move, amongst many other dysfunctions we see healthcare practitioners for.   Until a proper diagnosis is developed and the root cause of the dysfunction is addressed, all healthcare treatments are temporary.  Schedule your appointment today to be evaluated and assessed for any dysfunction you are suffering from.  You no longer need to live in pain!

Your initial examination will consist of a comprehensive assessment as well as a detailed history.  After Dr. Maltese creates a specific and complete diagnosis, a treatment plan will be created.  Treatments will consist of adhesion release through manual and instrument assisted release, specific exercises to be performed in the office and at home, as well as joint mobilization when clinically necessary.


Manual Therapy ( Soft-Tissue Instrument-Assisted Mobilization )

These techniques are designed to allow for the mechanical breakdown of the adhesion.  The adhesions must be broken down via tension in order to allow the fascia to move freely again. This will not only decrease your pain, it will also increase your performance and unlock your true potential!


Cupping & Gliding

Cupping techniques were originally developed thousands of years ago and have been most popularly utilized as a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, many times in conjunction with acupuncture.  Cupping therapy is used to mobilize blood flow to promote healing.  The cups are used to decompress soft tissues (muscle, tendon, ligaments, and fascia) of the body.  These adhesions are made of collagen fibers and connective tissue which surrounds muscles, nerves and vessels as well as organs.  

Dysfunction in the fascia will lead to altered movement patterns of the body.  This altered function will cause pain, limited mobility and uneven, premature breakdown of our joint surfaces.  Anything that decreases your quality of life and ability to optimize your performance needs to be addressed right away.


Dr. Maltese Treats Professional Athletes

Dr. Maltese has had the distinct honor of treating some of the greatest CrossFit athletes that have ever competed.  In November 2016, Dr. Maltese was asked to dedicate his time from the office in order to treat war veterans and professional CrossFit athletes including; the 2015 and 2016 Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir, Ben Bergeron, Noah Ohlson, Jennifer Smith and many other great Heroes!

Ben Bergeron - "Dr. Maltese was the only reason I was able to participate in the beach WOD (Workout Of the Day)."

Jennifer Smith was suffering from a headache and improved after one treatment!  "Thanks for all your help!"