At Primal Performance Spine and Sport, we also offer one on one nutritional counseling.  Nutrition has long been a hot topic and we need to go no further than the internet to find endless articles which contradict each other.  Dr. Maltese has received a Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition which allows him to use nutrition to help with patient's disease processes.  We must take control of our diet and the stress we put our body through.  Sit down with Dr. Maltese and learn how everything you eat is ultimately a decision to heal your body or harm your body.  Dr. Maltese will help create a Personalized Nutrition Plan that is practical and achievable for your particular situation.

  Click the link to shop the product line!

Click the link to shop the product line!


Dr. Maltese is an Advisor level distributor with Advocare and is excited about how it can positively effect and alter your life!  The Advocare product features a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition line designed to give your body the jumpstart it needs to help you reach your goals. There's something for everyone – whether you are looking for weight management, athletic performance, overall body composition, or overall wellness.



24 Day Challenge

On average, men and women lose 10-15 lbs during the first 24 days and continue losing the weight after the challenge is over!

The key to success with this program is taking the supplements when instructed and STICKING TO THE CLEAN EATING LIFESTYLE!  This is not a miracle drug.  It is a supplement and nutrition program designed to help fill in the holes of an already HEALTHY, BALANCED Diet.  

It all starts with what you are eating while on this challenge!  This is going to be the deciding factor on how successful you are.  It is important that you follow the recommended grocery list and eat the suggestions.  The first two weeks start with a big change, however after we get through that together, It’s Game Changing!


When you order the Challenge from me, I will send you:

  • A 24 day breakdown of what to take and when to take it

  • Full Meal and Snack Suggestions

  • A guide on how to Meal Prep and how to keep yourself on track

  • A grocery List


Order the 24-Day challenge through the Advocare Link presented.